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Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Chinese FAST

Diploma in Chinese is a one-year initial/beginners level certificate course in the Chinese language that aims at developing the basic ability of student in understanding and developing the nuisances of the language. The course is pursued by candidates after completion of their 10+2 or equivalent level education.

The respective course in the Chinese language is a starting level certification in the domain of the language. Students are equipped with oral, communicative, and usability related aspects of the language during the duration of the course. Students have an option to enhance their knowledge in the language by going for Bachelor’s and Master’s level course in the long run. The course is mainly focused on providing the basic understanding of the language to the students.

Diploma in Chinese students can look for a variety of options in terms of their career. He/she can opt for a career in the domain of Translation, Business Process Outsourcing, Content development, Embassy level work, language expert etc. A student can also opt for extension of their skill set in the language before entering the job market.