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Finland Degree Programs

Finnish education system is regarded as the best in the world. Finland has one of the highest education levels in the world.

Apply ASAP – First come first served

  • Lapland UAS programs 5 – 19 Jan 2022
  • SAMK UAS programs 5 Jan – 16 Feb 2022
  • SeAMK UAS programs 5 Jan – 8 Apr 2022


Finland is located in Northern Europe. It is part of the European Community (EU) and Schengen visa area.

The Capital of Finland is Helsinki is easy to travel to Finland as the flight connections between Finland, And Asian countries are really good.

You can study in English in Finland –together with the most satisfied International students.

Finland is Scandinavian welfare country and a Great Place to live. Living standards are very good and everyone has equal rights in the society. This is why Finland has been voted as the happiest country in the world already 4 times.

There is a lot of space for everyone in Finland to relax in the beautiful Finnish nature.

Finland has 4 seasons, temperatures vary between +25C in summer to -10 C in winter.

Finland is a multicultural society. We have a lot of immigrants from Asia, especially China, Vietnam and Thailand. In Finland everyone speaks Finnish and English.

Studying in Finland is not just about the studies, it’s a whole experience: the climate, the adventures you can experience in the safest country in the world, the friendships and networks you can build and the wonderful times you will be having on their beautiful coastline. Don’t think twice, choose Finland as your next study destination!

  1. Finnish education system is regarded as the best in the world. Finland has one of the highest education levels in the world.
  2. University studies in Finland are affordable for everyone.
  3. You pay for an – English taught – international university degree in Finland 60-70% less than in the UK or USA.
  4. Finland is the safest country on Earth.
  5. Finland is a High-Tech country, and its engineering level is world class. Finland was the 3rd most innovative country in the whole world in 2019.
  6. You can study your degree in English as in Finland almost everyone speaks English.
  7. The living costs for students are low. About 600 – 700€/month, including accommodation & food. For a Student residence Permit you need 6,720€/year.
  8. Health care for students is practically free.
  9. You are allowed to work even 25 hours/week during your study weeks in Finland.

You’ll get a very good international education in Finland for much less money than in the UK or USA.



  • Artificial Intelligence – Mechatronics – Logistics – Industrial Management
  • International Business – International Tourism Management – Physiotherapy
  • Sea Captain – Agri-Food Engineering – Automation Engineering
  • International Business – Machine Learning and Data Engineering
  • Tourism Management

All our programs are taught in English – Over 450 English taught programs.

  • Intake – Mostly Sept intake,
  • Duration – Programs in Finland are credit-based
  • If students study more credits at the same time, they will graduate faster
  • Average graduate in 3-4 years for Bachelors
  • Average graduate in 1-2 years for Masters

Key Benefit:

  • Tuition fees are charged per year, not per credit. (Different from USA/Canada)
  • This means that if students study more credits at the same time and graduate faster say for 2 years, they will pay only 2 years of tuition fees. (even if the amount of credits they need to graduate are the same as studying for 3 or 4 years)

Entry Requirements:

  • Different for universities
  • IELTS/TOEFL/entrance exams/interviews/motivation letter/motivation video, etc.
  • Entrance exams/interviews are held online. Students can do at home


  • 20-50% for 2nd and 3rd year of studies
  • Not automatically given
    • Students need to apply for scholarships at the end of 1st year.
  • Easy to get
    • Scholarships don’t need a high score to attain.
    • Universities just need the student to study a certain number of courses, and then will give scholarship

Tuition and Living expenses

  • Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree – 4,000 to 11,850 EUR/year
  • Postgraduate Master’s Degree – 10,000 to 15,000 EUR/year
  • Living expenses – approximately 6000 EUR/year (depends on location, kind of accommodation and lifestyle)

Part-time work

  • During Term-time: Max of 25 hours/week (more than other countries!)
  • Outside Term-time: Unlimited
  • Minimum wage: 10 to 12 EUR/hour; wages double during weekends

Application Process

  • Around 3-4 weeks
  • Send documents to our email address
  • You will receive confirmation letter
  • Our team will handle the application.
  • Application sent to university to handle.
  • Students receive unconditional offer letter
  • Students pay 1 year tuition fee (unless otherwise stated)
  • Students receive acceptance letter

Application for Visas and Student Residency Permit

  • Whole Process takes around 60 working days
  • Visa for courses below 90 days
  • Student Residency Permit for courses above 90 days (Bachelor’s/Masters)
  • No English Requirement for Student Residency Permit/Visa
  • List of required documents

Student bank account needs 6720 EUR as their living expenses (no other people’s bank account)

Separate from tuition fees

Health insurance with 40,000 EUR coverage for 3+ year courses, 100,000 EUR coverage for <3 year courses.

  • Post-Study Stay back Visa
  • 1 year, students can look for jobs
  • Graduate Job opportunities
  • Lots available

Government wants more international students as they need more people to work there. 30000 new job opportunities created every year in the areas of Engineering (), . There will be a need for at least 20,000 employees in ICT alone. 100,000 technology opportunities are expected to come up in the coming years


PR rights and Get Finnish Citizenship

  • PR rights (4 years)
  • Finnish Citizenship (7 years)
  • Study period is also counted
  • The Study period is halved for the purpose of PR and Citizenship application
  • g. If the student graduates Bachelors in 3 years, this is halved (3/2 years) to become 1.5 years, calculated towards PR/Citizenship
  • Student just needs to be in Finland for another 3.5 years (1.5+2.5=4 years) to get PR, and another 3 years (1.5+2.5+3=7 years) to get Finnish Citizenship.
  • No language requirements for getting PR. For Finnish Citizenship, need to take a simple exam to test the Finnish.
  • Finland welcomes immigration, unlike many other countries – over 7000 Indians currently live/study in Finland

Finland visa process

For any stay exceeding 90 days in Finland, you need a student residence permit which is granted 1 year at a time. This means that you will have to renew it every year. The renewal fee is 200€. To be able to renew it, students should have earned at least 45 ECTS credits during the academic year and have registered their attendance for the next semester. Success rate of 91.2%. If rejected, one can reapply post 3 months.


Steps to apply for a residence permit

  1. As soon as the offer letter arrives, the student must send a mail to the Finnish Embassy in India at It is important that the mail is sent as soon as the offer letter arrives to ensure timely appointments without any delay.
  2. Format:
    Name of applicant:
    Number of applicants:
    Online or offline application:
    Residence permit category:
  3. The appointment date is usually allotted around 4 weeks from the date of the mail (approx data).
  4. The student must also submit an online application for the residence permit at   by providing the following documents:


  1. A valid passport
  2. The official admission letter from a Finnish educational institution
  3. A clarification of income: you need to have 6720 EUR in your bank account (registered under your name). If your country’s currency is not Euro, you can ask the bank to translate and change the currency into euro. Written sponsorships from private guarantors are not accepted. There is no minimum time period before which the money should have been added to the account.
  4. An insurance certificate (coverage of 40,000 EUR/year for UG and 120,000 EUR/year for PG):
    1. If you have the insurance coverage that is asked, it doesn’t matter what country you take your insurance from as long as it covers you during your period in Finland. Take it from an Indian company you can trust such as TATA AIG, Trawelltag etc. Once you’re in Finland you can also take insurance from a company there.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: Travel insurance is not valid to be eligible for a residence permit. Travel insurance usually covers only 90 days and your insurance should cover you during your complete period of studies. Failing to do so may delay your decision.
  5. Passport photos size 36 x 47 mm
  6. 300 EUR for the fee (can be paid online)
  7. A clarification regarding the origin of funds:

If your parents or other guardians pay for your studies:

  • If your parents/ guardians work, you should scan his/her/their employment contracts and bank account statement from the last 6 months.
  • If your parents/ guardians run a business (e.g shop, housing rental) or are self-employed, you should scan their business certificate (the certificate that proves the business is legitimate by the government/ authority), and their bank account statement from the last 6 months.


Apply ASAP – First come first served

  • Lapland UAS programs 5 – 19 Jan 2022
  • SAMK UAS programs 5 Jan – 16 Feb 2022
  • SeAMK UAS programs 5 Jan – 8 Apr 2022

Placement & fee
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