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Our Team

Mr. Pramod Purohit

Founder: Devrash Institute

Mr. Pramod S Purohit is the Founder & Director of Devrash Institute. He holds over 15 years of rich experience in various industries; having expertise in the areas of Business Strategies, Marketing (Direct & Indirect Marketing), Business Development, International affairs, Advertising & Branding.

Prof. Ying QI

Pro-Chancellor International

Prof. Ying QI is a scholar, a translator and a writer. But most importantly, he is a practitioner and entrepreneur. He is a Senior Consultant of the Germany-China Medical Industry Association (GCMIA) for the bilateral training and education programs. As an associate professor of globalization, he gives classes of international business development and international career development at universities. Before taking these responsibilities, Prof.Ying QI used to be the Director China of CFP ASIE in Paris. CFP AISE is French-Asian Professional Training Center which guided the manager-level intercultural training in the merge of Renault-Nissan under the direction of the French Ministry of Industry. Prof.Ying QI has several publications. In 2017, his translation work “ Qianmei QU, A Convert to Art” published in Chinese, English and French. In 2020, he was invited to write a story-telling biography for a famous artist in France.


Dr. Terry Farris

Country Director – U.S.A

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of higher education, he is an entrepreneur, educator, administrator, and coach. Over the years, he has dedicated his attention to assisting team members and graduates to become skilled individuals from a career standpoint. Skills are important, but they are not the only thing to focus on. Our mindset must be given time and attention. Now, Dr. Terry Farris is also teaching “Professional Development Course” at Herzing University