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German Registered Nurse Program

Work in Germany as Full time Healthcare Professional / Nurse with minimum salary of EUR 2500 to 3500 monthly

“Approximately INR 2.25L to INR 3.10 L”


Why Germany?

Nursing in Germany offers you the chance to work in a world-class health care system. There will be 200,000+ unfilled vacancies in Germany for the nurses by 2030.

The Baby Boomers are retiring/ have retired leaving many vacancies unfilled. The annual income of a nurse in Germany is around 33,000 EUR, which is around 2,800 EUR gross per month.  The working hours system allows you to balance your time for other commitments apart from work, such as family and friends

German enjoys a high quality of life with an above-average ranking in the OECD better life index, Germany offers its residents numerous benefits: job security, high average incomes, excellent housing, high-quality public transportation systems and connections to the rest of Europe.

Working in the 4th largest economy in the world means your average salary can be up to 16% higher than in other countries. In addition, working and paying taxes in Germany entitles you to comprehensive social security benefits, excellent healthcare, and a pension when you retire.

The country is a mixture of academic, industrial, business, and research/scientific excellence with a fascinating potpourri of culture, history, tradition, and creativity.

This makes it a great place to live and work in, especially for international students seeking a diverse and stimulating environment to build their careers.

Germany is one of the most powerful economies worldwide, making the German language widely spoken throughout all of Europe and other parts of the world as well. With numerous German companies being global market leaders, they have huge networks of branches across the world.

By learning to speak German, they will find themselves in an advantageous position where they will get more offers from the biggest and best German multinationals.

Well known MNC’s of Germany

Salary –

EUR 2500 to EUR 3500 / INR 2.25 L to 3.10 L

Before registered nurse (RN) {Trainee nurse}:
on B1, Nurses join as Elderly care geriatric department in Hospitals for 2 years to complete B2 exams and licensure formalities.
EUR 2400-2600/month (33%)

After RN:
EUR 2800-3600/month – On B2 and on RN full licensure multiple Choices to work as RN in Germany in many hospitals.

Living Expenses monthly
Accommodation, food, local transportation, SIM card etc.
EUR 500-550/month depends on individual’s life styles

Working hours:
40hr/week (5 days)


  1. Lucrative Salary
  2. After 2 years as RN 28 days paid-leave
  3. Nurses can apply for PR after 2 years work as RN.
  4. Study your Masters for free if you wish to attain higher education
  5. Spouse/family can work independently (Only need A1 for Spouse)
  6. Free education for a Children
  7. Schengen visa
  8. NO Block Account

Who can apply?

  • GNM/ BSc/ Post BSc/ MSc Nurses (M/ F)
  • Fresher – Geriatric
  • Age: Up to 45 years (M/F)
  • Min. B1 Level German Certificate is required; however, Employer may ask for B2 sometimes to avoid any future conflicts.

Min. B1 must be there for Visa Purposes but we can start Diploma/Degree Recognition from the A1 level also.

List of Documents Required for Initial Assessment:

  1. CV /Resume
  2. 10th & 12th Mark sheets
  3. Diploma or degree mark sheet
  4. Diploma or degree certificate
  5. Course complete certificate (if have)
  6. Internship certificate
  7. University transcript
  8. Nursing Registration Certificate
  9. Experience certificate
  10. LOR (2) if have
  11. German language certificate (if have one)
  12. Passport copy (front and back)

A list of Documents Needs to Be attested by the German Embassy

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Nursing Certificates: Diploma or Degree Certificate, Transcript, (Internship Certificate if have)
  3. Nursing Completion Certificate
  4. Nursing State registration or License
  5. Experience Certificate
  6. Marriage Certificate, or any Name Change certificate


After completing A2 level:

    1. Pre-interview
    2. Job confirmation
    3. on B1 completion final job offer, work contract
    4. Diploma/Degree recognition time (4-6 months)
    5. Diploma/Degree recognitions is done in Germany through our team.
    6. Get visa documents from Germany
    7. Visa file preparation, embassy appointment, visa filling

Nurse license / Approbation (4 – 6 Months)

How we Help You with our services?

  1. We guide you to German Language classes for all levels.
  2. We assist you for the interview preparation with the employer.
  3. We assist you for the contract from hospitals / employers.
  4. We assist you for Diploma/Degree recognition Documents recognition, translation, certification,
  5. After you have received your German B1 / B2 certificate and translated certificates,
  6. we will help you get a job contract from a German hospital.
  7. We assist you in the visa documents arrangements & application procedure
  8. We asset you in airport pick up , medical insurance in Germany.
  9. We help in finding accommodation and bringing your family to Germany
  10. We, will guide you to German language institutions
  11. We will help you with the procedure while you’re learning German.
  12. For that, your documents will be sent to the authorised department.

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