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Work in Germany as Physiotherapist

Work in Germany as Full time Healthcare Professional / Physiotherapist with minimum salary of EUR 2400 to 3600 monthly


For Indian Physiotherapists seeking to expand their career opportunities, Germany is a highly sought-after destination. In order to practice physiotherapy in Germany, one must complete the process of “Anerkennung” or recognition of qualifications. This article outlines the requirements and steps involved in the process of registration as a Physiotherapist in Germany.

Career growth for physiotherapists in Germany

As you have understood the basic and advanced physiotherapy qualifications and how they are reimbursed, the ideal career growth for physiotherapists in Germany, starts as entry level basic qualified physiotherapist. Then as you are getting additional certifications for each treatment techniques, such as manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, your salary hikes correspondingly.

So, how far can you grow your career in German Physiotherapy? the answer is as long as you have the interest, there is always space to grow. The highest qualification is Heilpraktiker(You are allowed to prescribe treatments to the patients and those will be reimbursed by the insurance companies), Sectoral Heilpraktiker(The same as above, but limited to the physiotherapy sector), Osteopathy (They are also allowed to practice autonomously) some physiotherapists are also doing certificate courses in osteopathy and they are entering into autonomous practice.

Why Germany needs more Physiotherapists?

Firstly, the life-expectancy is on a continuous raise, the number of older people has already out-numbered the care potential of the state. When people live longer, they live more days with pain and physical difficulties that needs to be addressed. This bulk of care burden is the major appointment consumers of Physiotherapists in Germany.

Secondly, Germany is a sport first nation, almost each and every kid has sport activity as an everyday school routine. Not only kids, most of the adults and elder people also also health freaks compared to other developed countries. To keep themselves fit and active, they have a physical activity atleast twice a week. This results in increasing Physiotherapy appointments for sports injury care, and therapy services for return to sports.

Additionally, the post pandemic work from home (WfH) considered to reduce the work stress on the employees, but the physical stress has seemly increased, as the clear boundary between work and home doesn’t exist. Moreover, the workstation at home is not always a professional work setup, that lead to ergonomic injuries and long term health conditions, once again adding more load to the physiotherapy appointments.

Finally, physiotherapy profession in general is highly under staffed. Almost every practice has at least one or more vacancy for physiotherapists. you can find more facts about this real-time issue in the following news article.

Why Germany?

Physiotherapy in Germany offers you the chance to work in a world-class health care system. There will be 100,000+ unfilled vacancies in Germany for the Physiotherapist by 2030.

The Baby Boomers are retiring/ have retired leaving many vacancies unfilled. The annual income of a Physiotherapist in Germany is around 33,000 EUR, which is around 2,800 EUR gross per month.  The working hours system allows you to balance your time for other commitments apart from work, such as family and friends

German enjoys a high quality of life with an above-average ranking in the OECD better life index, Germany offers its residents numerous benefits: job security, high average incomes, excellent housing, high-quality public transportation systems and connections to the rest of Europe.

Working in the 4th largest economy in the world means your average salary can be up to 16% higher than in other countries. In addition, working and paying taxes in Germany entitles you to comprehensive social security benefits, excellent healthcare, and a pension when you retire.

The country is a mixture of academic, industrial, business, and research/scientific excellence with a fascinating potpourri of culture, history, tradition, and creativity.

This makes it a great place to live and work in, especially for international students seeking a diverse and stimulating environment to build their careers.

Germany is one of the most powerful economies worldwide, making the German language widely spoken throughout all of Europe and other parts of the world as well. With numerous German companies being global market leaders, they have huge networks of branches across the world.

By learning to speak German, they will find themselves in an advantageous position where they will get more offers from the biggest and best German multinationals.


Well known MNC’s of Germany


EUR 2400 to EUR 3600 / INR 2.15 L to 3.25 L


Living Expenses monthly:
Accommodation, food, local transportation, SIM card etc.
EUR 500-550/month depends on individual’s life styles


Working hours:
40hr/week (5 days)



  1. Lucrative Salary
  2. After 2 years 28 days paid-leave as per contract
  3. Physiotherapist can apply for PR after 5 years working in Germany
  4. Study your Masters for free if you wish to attain higher education
  5. Spouse/family can work independently (Only need A1 for Spouse)
  6. Free education for a Children
  7. Schengen visa
  8. NO Block Account

Who can apply?

  1. BPT/MPT
  2. Fresher can apply
  3. B2 Level German Certificate, however sometime some employer can offer on B1 also.
  4. NO Block Account /
  5. Age up to 40 years

Min. B2 or B1 must be there for Visa Purposes but we can start Diploma/Degree Recognition from the A1 level also.

List of Documents Required for Initial Assessment:

  1. CV – Euro Pass
  2. 10th school Marksheet & Certificate
  3. 12th School Marksheet & Certificate
  4. Degree Certificate
  5. Degree Transcript
  6. Registration Certificate
  7. Internship Certificate
  8. School Leaving / Transfer Certificate
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Passport (Front & Back)
  11. Passport Size Photo
  12. Motivational Letter
  13. Marriage Certificate if you are married

A list of Documents Needs to Be attested by the German Embassy

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Physiotherapy Degree Certificate, Transcript, (Internship Certificate if have)
  3. Physiotherapy Completion Certificate
  4. Physiotherapy State registration or License
  5. Experience Certificate
  6. Marriage Certificate, or any Name Change certificate


After completing A2 level:

    1. Pre-interview
    2. Job confirmation
    3. on B1 completion final job offer, work contract
    4. Diploma/Degree recognition time (4-6 months)
    5. Diploma/Degree recognitions is done in Germany through our team.
    6. Get visa documents from Germany
    7. Visa file preparation, embassy appointment, visa filling

Nurse license / Approbation (4 – 6 Months)

How we Help You with our services?

  1. We guide you to German Language classes for all levels.
  2. We assist you for the interview preparation with the employer.
  3. We assist you for the contract from hospitals / employers.
  4. We assist you for Diploma/Degree recognition Documents recognition, translation, certification,
  5. After you have received your German B1 / B2 certificate and translated certificates,
  6. we will help you get a job contract from a German hospital.
  7. We assist you in the visa documents arrangements & application procedure
  8. We asset you in airport pick up , medical insurance in Germany.
  9. We help in finding accommodation and bringing your family to Germany
  10. We, will guide you to German language institutions
  11. We will help you with the procedure while you’re learning German.
  12. For that, your documents will be sent to the authorised department.

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